Serving the Latino Community of Lancaster

Hundreds of people of all ages benefit each month from the programs of Alpha & Omega Community Center: Food Bank, Counseling, English and Music Classes, Computers for Refugees, Radio Program, and more. This ministry has been possible thanks to the generous collaboration of people like you who support Alpha & Omega Community Center with their prayers, time, and financial support. We invite you to join us and be part of our mission.

Serving the Latino Community of Lancaster

Our Purpose: The purpose of the Community Center is to provide education and services to assist the Latino community of Lancaster County to become more productive members of the community. Our staff and board are always striving to develop and maintain programs that will meet their unique needs.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Alpha & Omega Community Center is to share God’s love by providing education and social services to empower the Latino community of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to become more productive members of the community.

For those who need it most. 

Hundreds of families benefit each month with the various donation programs such as free food, used computers, among others in the Alpha & Omega Community Center.

We educate with love

We have various educational programs in music and personalized tutoring for people seeking to improve their English language skills.

We are a big family and we want you to be well

At Alpha & Omega Community Center we have a specialized team of professionals who are available for Spanish-speaking families, couples, youth and children.

Since 2017, we have been renovating donated computers for refugees, migrant workers, and newly arrived immigrants.

We are a dynamic Church committed to the community that lives and promotes the principles and values of the Kingdom of God.

Radio Program: “Hablemos en Claro”, The producer is Mr. Ever Sandoval.  Is broadcast on Mondays at 11:00 am on the WLCH  91.3 FM Station.


Countless families have benefited from your donations to the Alpha & Omega Community Center.  Make your contribution by donating via PayPal.