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Computers for Refugees


Since 2017, we have been refurbishing donated computers for refugees, migrant workers, newly arrived immigrants, as well as those displaced by the weather disaster in Puerto Rico. We are especially reaching out to English students at the Alpha & Omega Community Center who need a computer. We are also working with Church World Service and the Migrant Education Program.
If you want to RECEIVE a computer, contact Danny Gingrich at the Alpha & Omega Community Center to get an application. Each recipient is required to fill out an application and write a paragraph to introduce yourself and tell why you need a computer.  

If you want to DONATE to COMPUTERS FOR REFUGEESwe could use your help in one of two ways.

    First, you can donate a computer.

We are accepting desktops and laptops, seven years and newer with Windows Vista or 7. We can also use accessories, such as keyboards, mice, monitors, cables, speakers, WiFi adapters, and cameras. In addition, we can take tablets. Stu Metzler can answer any of your technical questions.

   Second, you can donate financially.

Sometimes, we have minor expenses, such as getting licenses or buying a WiFi adapter. You can donate through PayPal on the Alpha and Omega Community Center’s website. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt. You may also send or bring a check to AOCC at 708 Wabank Street, Lancaster PA  17603.     

We are also working on creating an Amazon Wish List with more details to follow. 

PayPal- https://www.paypal.me/aocc1/

Stu Metzler- stu.metzler@gmail.com; Tel. 717-478-8638

Danny Gingrich- dgingrichesl@gmail.com; Tel. 717-799-7750

Follow us on FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/computersforrefugees/

Visit the Facebook pages for AOCC English Tutoring: (https://www.facebook.com/AOCCEnglish/ )


Countless families have benefited through your donations to the Alpha & Omega Community Center. Make your contribution by donating via PayPal.

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