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Each program of the Community Center exists “to share God’s love by providing education and social services that empower the local Latino Community.”

The Food Bank served 544 persons in November, 193 in December, and 435 in January. Construction of the new retaining wall and the use of a metal ramp have made getting the food from the Center’s box truck into the lower level of the building much easier for the volunteers. (See photos on page three.)

Counselor Angela Arce provides counseling in Spanish remotely, serving 260 persons in 2020. A large number of her clients (45%) deal with anguish and despair. An additional 36% seek help with relationship issues, including family and marital problems. In her counseling, Angela emphasizes the power of prayer and tries to bring people closer to God.

In January, Danny Gingrich, the Center’s English teacher, served 25 students in 52 sessions, mostly remotely. He continues to participate in an online Medical English class and with International Healthcare Professionals Program, following through with his students by helping them complete applications and prepare for employment.

He has many success stories!

God continues to open doors for the expansion of the Computers for Refugees Program. Through contact with CareerLink, Danny provided three desktops, two laptops, a printer, and a big screen TV monitor to be used as a Language Lab in the Franklin Terrace Community Center.

The radio program, “Hablemos en Claro,” is aired by Radio Centro, WLCH 91.3, Monday at 10:30 AM. Host Alberto Hernandez records the programs, which are currently focusing on developing interpersonal relationships.

Alberto plans to retire at the end of April. Education, social services, and empowerment through the ministries of the Alpha & Omega Community Center bless the Latino Community of Lancaster.

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