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The AOCC Board has approved two major renovation projects with large financial impacts. We need your help to see them through.

First, a bulging block retaining wall on the west side of the building, where the food bank box truck unloads food, has shifted and is in danger of eventual collapse. B.R. Kreider Driveways will repair the wall and install a new driveway and parking place for the box truck. This project is extensive and includes removal of the iron railing and the damaged portions of the wall, adding pipes for drainage, rebuilding the block wall, excavation for the new driveway, and paving. The approximate cost is $23,650.

Secondly, the basement of the community center recently received some upgrades. A storage room and work area were added for the Computers for Refugees program. In addition, the food bank storage space and area for music lessons was expanded and improved. Walls were moved, removed, and added. A portion of the project was funded by a grant, but a total of approximately $8,000 is needed to install vinyl flooring to complete the project.
Donations above and beyond regular giving from individuals, church groups, businesses, and others can be designated for either of these projects.

Please send checks payable to Alpha & Omega Community Center and write either “Rebuild That Wall” or “Cover That Floor” in the memo line of the check.

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