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Since 1991, the Alpha & Omega Community Center has provided a wide range of services to assist the Hispanic Community of Lancaster, PA, to become prosperous, contributing members of society. Alpha & Omega Community Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofits organization, with an IRS.
Every day is a new opportunity for service and working together in the community.
On Wednesday, Barbara Andersen, the ESL coordinator at Grace Lutheran Church across town at North Queen and East James Streets, sent me a message asking if we had a Windows 10 desktop. They still do online classes but also have one-to-one in-person instruction. As they gear up for in-person group classes, they would like to set up a desktop for students to use when they come to class.
I promptly responded that I had just the right computer. We had a Dell Inspiron desktop with built-in Wifi and a 27″ magna monitor with built-in speakers. Barbara’s teachers could also use the desktop to teach basic computer literacy. I got right to work adding valuable language-learning websites to the home screen. I needed to leave Alpha and Omega Community Center today by 2:15 pm. Barbara said she could pick up the computer by 2pm.
Well, let me share some background details that demonstrate the sense of cooperation here in Lancaster.
Last Saturday, Tracy from FixItChix sent me a message that her client had a desktop to donate to Computers for Refugees. I said I could swing by her shop across from the Amtrak train station before she closed at 4pm.
Then, our technician Charlie picked it up this past Tuesday morning to update it to Windows 10 and had it back by the afternoon.
In addition, Charlie’s friend had donated a really nice 27″ magna monitor with built-in speakers. This monitor would be perfect for Barbara.
As I got the computer ready for Barbara, I treated it delicately with loving care as a new-born baby.
Barbara arrived at Alpha and Omega, and I laid the monitor on the back seat of her SUV and even strapped it in with the seat belt. The tower, keyboard, and mouse were in a box next to the monitor. It was like sending a newly delivered baby home from the hospital. Barbara was taking the precious computer across town to Grace Lutheran Church.
Barbara and I rejoiced that we could work together to serve her students. She was thinking specifically of a Haitian student who could use the computer when he comes for clssses.
Before Barbara left Alpha and Omega, she shared another connection. She collaborates with Dan Nguyen, a family support specialist with the Migrant Education Program. A great guy! Dan comes to the AOCC Food Bank, and we pack up boxes for his clients. Dan also stopped by once to make some home-style Vietnamese iced coffee for me.
As Barbara drove back across the city, and I scooted out for an appointment, I gave thanks for some special collaborators: Barbara at the Grace Lutheran ESL class; Tracy, the entrepreneur at FixItChix, who sends us donations from her clients; Charlie Kreider, our technician, who with Stu Metzler, does the technical updates; and Dan Nguyen and his colleagues at the Migrant Education Program.
Well, we have more stories to share. Details for the Digital Learning Class for Parents at Jackson Middle School are coming together. Likewise, we are seeking to build our inventory as we anticipate the arrival of Afghan refugees.
Strength and courage for your day.

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