To overcome depression, you must change your thoughts.

Written by Alpha & Omega Community Center

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“As a man believes in his heart, he is,” reportedly said the Greatest Teacher who ever lived. What you consistently think about a situation is almost always what happens to it; therefore, it is critical that our thinking is always positive in any and every scenario.

If religion, science, and psychology all appear to agree on one thing, it is that the mind is certainly the most powerful force in the universe. That said, it is self-evident that while coping with stress and depressed conditions, one should make every effort to think optimistically as a possible first line of defense against negative difficulties.

Everything, my friends, begins with a thought.

Additionally, ideas have the intrinsic capacity to materialize marvelously into whatever is imagined in your mind. As a result, it is acceptable to argue that we should all make every effort to shift our mental patterns toward believe rather than unbelief. This is, of course, the most critical factor to consider while looking for solutions to overcome depression.

Depression is characterized by feelings of worthlessness, doubt, and pessimism. If we allow depressive thoughts to pervade our minds constantly, they may develop the ability to diffuse into our speech and actions, aggravating the very situations and challenges that may have triggered depressive thoughts in the first place.

When it comes to coping with depression-related issues, the famous psychologist William James offers this cryptic quote: “Our belief at the start of an uncertain project or difficult circumstance is the only thing that guarantees a satisfactory conclusion at the end.” This reminds me of another strong Bible scripture found in Mark 4:23: “If you can believe, all things are possible for him who believes.”

By combining the content and effect of both quotations, it becomes clear that it is critical to believe in and anticipate the best in every scenario. By doing so, you will expand the world of possibilities and success. This is not to say that we should simply sit back and wait for things to change suddenly. This means we must first alter our thought processes about our situations, then take the actions necessary to get and stay on the path to success in overcoming our obstacles.

Additionally, because words, thoughts, and actions all interact as factors, one is advised to constantly speak positively about whatever obstacles one may be facing. Combining these three variables will significantly assist in ensuring that each component (most crucially, our thoughts) remains constructive in its approach to treating our depression.

Although overcoming our obstacles is not always simple, I want you to remember this saying as well: “Life's troubles are like knives; they either help us or harm us according to how we grab them by the blade or handle: Take a challenge or a problem by the blade and it will cut; take it by the handle and you will be able to use it productively.” Consider the quotation above and keep it in mind, my friend, as THE reason to maintain faith and hope for the best when coping with despair. It is likely the lone factor that will secure ultimate success.

STOP FOREVER your depression, Let's get started ➜

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