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Since 1991, the Alpha & Omega Community Center has provided a wide range of services to assist the Hispanic Community of Lancaster, PA, to become prosperous, contributing members of society. Alpha & Omega Community Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofits organization, with an IRS.
Good morning from Computers for Refugees. Today is the first day of Fall in Pennsylvania, and also a new day of opportunity.
Yesterday, the last day of Summer, was a full day for us. On the one hand, we were overwhelmed by the needs out there and stresses facing many people. On the other hand, we were encouraged and invigorated to connect with many people, including one of our partners , the Migrant Education Program and their client families.
Then late Tuesday afternoon, Stu and I participated in a national Zoom call, in which we shared about the Computers for Refugees initiative in Lancaster. More details to follow.
In the next day or so, we will share stories from Tuesday.
But, to recap here, we received computer applications for at least seven desktops and six laptops (Migrant Education Program, IU13 Refugee Center, and Bethany Christian Services (Afghan refugee family)
Right now, we can really use something as simple and basic as Dell Computer Mice to outfit our desktop requests.
Likewise, we are accepting financial donations, so we can purchase Wifi adapters, webcams, and speakers. Contributions can be sent to our Pay Pal account.
May we have vision and compassion to equip and empower others.

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